DC Navy Yard Shooting Reported a Day Before It Happened !

It almost appears sometimes, as if the powers-that-be are deliberately making fun of just how stupid the typical American really is, when we routinely see news reporting mishaps like this one.

Once again, we see another major news event related to guns, violence, and terrorism reported by major media outlets before the events are alleged to have actually taken place.

It has been reported incessantly through the mainstream media today, Monday, September 16 that a gunman opened fire and killed a dozen people at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard around mid-morning. The body-count started with just a few people injured and is now up to 13 dead the last time i looked. That is not the story we are reporting on here though.

The story we are telling you about this evening, is that the shooting was reported by the Associated Press roughly nine hours before it happened. Or allegedly happened anyway. Is this purely a media fabrication from start to finish? Pure propaganda?

The Daily Courier, a Canadian newspaper, published their article on Sunday, September 15, at 2331 hours according to their own website. Granted, the paper is based in British Columbia, a few time zones away from Washington DC, but not 9 hours apart. They also reported that it happened an hour earlier than it supposedly took place, stating that the shootings took place beginning around 8:20 a.m. rather than 9:20 a.m.

Keep in mind though, that this was not an original article by the Daily Courier, but something they picked up off the wires from the Associated Press. Even if the reporter happened to be sending the report from the other side of the planet, that still would not account for the pre-dating of the article. Now some might say that the newspaper's webpage timestamp was off, and that must be the explanation. But if that were true, it must have also been off for ABC news, and Google.

Here are the screenshots, captured for posterity, and the related links below for as long as they might last.

This is the link to the Daily Courier:


This is the link to ABC News:


And this is the search query I did on Google to exclude today, and only return results from Sunday and earlier:


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