Julie Borowski: Why I Became Anti-War (VIDEO)

No one wanted to listen though, when some of us talked about these things 12 years ago. Some of us remembered the lessons of history. Some of us were already well aware of war profiteering, the military-industrial complex, the corporate influence over government, and yes, even false-flag attacks. Many of us were less than convinced by the official account of the 9/11 attacks from the outset, and became even less trusting in our own government when we were led into war with Iraq for no good reason at all really.

Still though, it is good to see some people are waking up, and coming around to realize some of these things now. I worry though, that this awakening of sorts is more of a partisan anti-Obama position, than a true anti-interventionist stance. Time will tell I suppose. My prediction is that a Republican will take back the White House in the next election. And then we we will see who the hypocrites really are.

So many news anchors and pundits have already shown themselves to by just that, hypocrites. They were old enough and informed enough to know better then. But now, we see younger folks like Julie here, who were blinded by the dazzle of misguided patriotism and propaganda waking up to the fact that they were lied to by these hypocrites. That they were misled by the mainstream media talking heads who nly speak out against war now that it is a Democrat doing it instead of a Republican.

I admire Julie though. She makes no bones about it that she was wrong. That is not hypocrisy. That is just what we call in the conspiracy/alternative-media "waking up."

Here is her wake up call.

My personal story on how I went from a pro-war Bush supporter to an anti-war patriot. This video is much different than any of my other recent videos. No crazy costumes or props. This is just me and my story.

*Non-interventionist is probably a more accurate word to describe me. Unfortunately, it is not a common term*

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Iraq, Afghan wars will cost to $4 trillion to $6 trillion, Harvard study says: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/20...

Afghanistan, Iraq Wars Killed 132,000 Civilians, Report Says: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/...

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