Cop Ends Career to Report Brutal Assault of Suspect by Other Cops

It is extremely rare that a police officer will break the thin blue line of silence in order to serve justice, when his own brothers-in-blue do vicious harm on a citizen.

I have been the victim of a brutal beating by police officers myself, while I was working in law enforcement capacity myself at the time, ironically enough. My beating was so bad that an impartial witness called another police department screaming that police where "killing the neighbor." When the other department did arrive, that officer refused to hear my complaint, or even document what the woman had seen. I was denied water and medical attention, while held for a number of hours I can't recall due to a concussion and having been tasered 11 times. Judging by the scars on my neck back and legs that is.

But at least I didn't wind up "pumpkin-head" beaten like this guy did. This vicious beating was terrible enough that a police officer did actually come forward, and ended his career to bring the truth of police brutality to light. The following story is presented by CopBlock.org. Please visit their site and help them help you support the cause of police accountability. This article is used by permission, but visit the original article in order to view additional links on this particular report.

Cop Quits After Witnessing Vicious Attack by Constable

Edmonton, Canada 27 Sept 2013

Former Edmonton police officer Derek Huff is making public accusations that Edmonton Police Constable Jack Redlick viciously beat a handcuffed man, Kasimierz Kozina, and no action by his superiors left him with no choice but to end his career.

He made these statements to CBC news:

-“They basically had their knees on his back and were just punching and kicking him just as hard as they could …six fists just pummeling this guy … I could hear him screaming,”

-“I can still remember the sounds of the contact of the knuckles hitting his face… I’ve seen lots of arrests and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

-“I compared it to the Rodney King beating,” said Huff. “My first initial thought [was] that ‘I want to get in this car and get out of here as fast as I can.’ [My partner and I] were in shock.”

-“His face was a great big giant black ball … of blood and bruising,” said Huff. “It looked like he had a gotten into a full head-on collision and smashed his head into a steering wheel.”

Handcuffed man: Kasimierz Kozina, who needed surgery to repair damages to his face, was 29 at the time and being targeted as a suspected drug dealer in a sting.

Former police officer: Derek Huff went on to explain what happened when he made verbal reports to his boss.

-“[The sergeant] came back and said that he read all the reports that were submitted and as far as he’s concerned it justifies the actions that Redlick and his partners took, and that Mike and I no longer need to be involved,”

-“I went from having a great career to being a rat — and it’s almost like jail,” said Huff. “If you’re labelled a rat in the police service, you’re done.”

Edmonton Police Chief -“Obviously it’s intolerable behavior. We don’t accept that as tolerable behavior at all. An officer committing a criminal act — or act against the Police Act — we won’t tolerate that in this organization and we’ll deal with it.”

-”I did absolutely nothing wrong,” said Huff. “All I’ve ever wanted since day one was the truth — and it’s finally coming out.”

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