NFL Bans Guns for Off-Duty Cops

As if the National Football League’s regulations couldn’t get any more draconian, one NFL stadium is moving to impose even tighter gun restrictions – and this time they’re targeting the supposed good guys.

According to Cleveland.com, a memo went out to Cleveland police stating FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns, would begin outlawing firearms for off-duty cops, essentially lowering officers to the same level as the other disarmed peasants.

“Off-duty officers who attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry. An armed officer will only be allowed inside a league facility if they are working an NFL game or event in an official capacity, according to the memo,” reports Brandon Blackwell.

The president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, Jeff Folmer, says the NFL’s decision is “disappointing.”

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Personally, I applaud the move. I see no reason why law-enforcement should be extended special privileges of any sort, particularly more so when they are off duty. As CopBlock.org often says, "Badges don't grant extra rights."

While that premise may not be entirely accurate, the spirit of such a statement should be something that we hold dear as freedom-loving Americans. It is true, that police do have certain powers, namely immunity from prosecution for arrests that don't result in convictions, but short of that we should be quick to scrutinize any special powers or courtesy granted by anyone. Whether is be a free cup of coffee at the gas station, or the right to bring a dangerous weapon in to an arena full of people.

Now don't get me wrong here. I am no leftist anti-gunner. Far from it. I think that everyone should be allowed to bring their gun wherever they go, with so few exceptions that off the top of my hand I can't name one. On the other hand, if a private company sees fit to bar firearms from their property, I see it as their right to do so even I don't agree with their choice. What I cannot abide though, is hypocrisy. So in that tearing down of the double-standard, I do applaude the NFL's choice here.

After all, there really is nothing from preventing a police officer from committing a crime with his gun. Whether he be on or off duty really. We have seen so many crimes committed by police on a daily basis. Often against suspects, for whom the general public often has little concern for, but also against even their own families as well. Assault, rape, murder, these are not the exclusive purview of the common criminal but often perpetrated by those who are sworn to protect.

Police Misconduct Daily Feed

The police are not your friend.

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