Voting in America

This is a repost that I have made several times, but it is as poignant as ever on yet another pointless voting day.

This first video came out at the end of last week. Now of course, the implications are a bit disturbing. But I couldn't help but laugh at how utterly stupid this young girl is. I weep for our future.

Some people have blamed Republicans for carrying out a deliberate campaign of voter fraud, but I think this is clearly a case of just how completely retarded young Americans have become. When it comes to real election fraud, the political overlords don't waste their time with the piss-ants on the street, as you will see below.

The truth is though, as scary as that bit was, there are much more sinister plots afoot when it comes to selecting our leaders.

Those of us who are old enough to remember will certainly recall the muddled and confused results in Florida, when it was decided there that George "Dubya" Bush would become the next President of the United States in 2000. Some folks still contend that Al Gore actually won the election. Whatever the actual count turned out to be down there, the Supreme Court finally stepped in to crown Dubya the new POTUS.

As the years have clicked by and technology advances, it has only become more easy to manipulate an election, and to cover up the fraud.
Rep. Tom Feeney (Fmr. Speaker of The House in Florida) employed this man from Oviedo, FL to rig elections and flip them 51% to 49%. Exit polling data was proven to be significantly different than the published results. Rep. Feeney was also the lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, the company who delivered the program.

So does it come down to a technology war between Republicans and Democrats? Hardly. The fraud is being perpetrated against you, the people, the voter, not in the battle between one politician and another. They already know who the winner is going to be, just like in a WWE wrestling match. Or at least the true power-brokers know who the winner will be, even if the contestants themselves don't. The whole idea here is to give the American public the illusion of choice. And doing that, is really no easy task when you have hundreds of millions of voters and a whole apparatus of well-meaning citizens participating in the voting process trying to make it as accurate as possible. The illusion of democracy must be complete in order to maintain control.

Nevertheless, we see not only that the technology is available, but that is is being used to alter the outcomes of elections. Especially in "close" contests where they make the average citizen really feel like their vote was so much more important than they ever realized. In reality, our leaders are not E-lected, they are SE-lected, by power-brokers operating behind closed door, in secret meetings, like those of the so-called Bilderberg group.

That mysterious cabal of the power-elite has met every year since 1954, almost never in the same place twice, and usually only once every four years in North America. That pattern was broken when they met for the second time at a Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, with just a year in between a meeting held in Canada. Coincidentally enough, they met at the same hotel again this year, another election year, just outside of Washington DC.

In the run-up to the 2008 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton was running neck-and-neck with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, when the two of them suddenly disappeared from public view and dumped the press in order to hold a secret meeting. Some believed that they might have met at her house in Washington, but that was later proven false. Although their whereabouts were never proven, or admitted to, it is widely believed that the two met in secret with the Bilderberg group, and many also believe that it was decided at that meeting that Barack Obama would become the next President of the United States.

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