Mystery deepens surrounding death of teen girl

Kathryn "Katie" Filiberti was found dead in a park the weekend of St Patrick's Day. The rumors swirled, but a quick arrest was expected. She had been at a party with many people the night before her body was found. Police have been mum on every detail since then. Unnervingly so. Releasing absolutely NO details. In fact, we do not even know if it was in fact a murder as presumed, yet the police give us assurances that the community is safe.

How exactly can the police make such assurances if they don't know who did it, or even how this young woman died? Was this a murder at all? We are not told.

The police and the Dutchess County Medical Examiner have placated the people with assurances of forthcoming information as soon as lab results were in, to finally determine the manner and cause of death. Today, the good faith of the people has been shattered with an unprecedented power-play by the Dutchess County District Attorney ordering the Medical Examiner to remain silent.

Do we even have a homicide on our hands? Are there a killer or killers at large? Is there a coverup? Is the local law purely incompetent? There are far too many questions at this point, and the silence of the officials is deafening.

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Katie Filiberti, may you rest in peace, soon.


Anonymous said...

Too many women showing up missing, being found dead in NY and nearby NH & ME. I suspect there is a serial killer traveling for his victims. It's the only logical answer. I have started making a google map of where these young women are being last seen & found by searching google for info. I have picked up on a common theme of women leaving their cars, all items in them, sometimes running, and then being found within miles of their car. The latest is Krista Dittmeyer of NH (link here) http://www.wcsh6.com/news/article/156887/2/Missing-mom-investigated-as-a-crime
It's very unsettling that the NY medical examiner won't/can't release the findings on Katies autopsy, and I wonder if its because there is a serial killer on the loose?

Anonymous said...

They know there is a serial killer who dumped a lot of bodies out on a Long Island beach, and they suspect it might be a cop too. Makes me wonder tho, if maybe it is a cop that is local to this (Hyde Park) area. No one from out of town would really know about this park where her body was found. There is talk that it may be a cop in this case too though, or even a cop's son. They live in the same neighborhood where the body was found.

Anonymous said...

"[...]yet the police give us assurances that the community is safe." <--First red flag, just after everyone was told to stop talking.

Today, the police, for the first time did an attempt at rumor control, says something - either one of their own is alleged OR they don't like being on the recipient end of rumors. Too bad, HPPD created this mess of a rumor mill that in essensce tossed many HP residents under the bus.

How did the police determine the public was safe?

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is right about our hyde park finest. You will soon see.

Jackinthebox said...

There's no reason for the police to be this quiet for this long. And if it was so important to be so tight-lipped, why did they tell us today that they had 30 DNA samples as if it were some flip afterthought? Why didn't they tell us that before?

I still think it was a cop.

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