NSA releases document on extraterrestrial radio messages

According to this document, 29 messages from outer-space were intercepted and subsequently published in a National Security Agency technical journal. This document is a "key" created in order to interpret the messages. So we don't really know what the messages actually said, or if they were even successfully unlocked, but this document appears to prove that the NSA has in fact intercepted at least 29 radio messages of extra-terrestrial origin. When these messages may have been picked up, how they were heard, is anyone's guess at this point. But this seems to prove the we have indeed heard from aliens and the NSA knows it.

The pdf document is linked here directly from the NSA, so there is no question that the document is authentic:


Some additional information is available at this link:



Anonymous said...

check this out... actually the second link here is the one I prefer, because it links to the first as well, and when you scroll down to the bottom of the page there, you see that the document is indeed of government origin... as they say; Look at the http when it's on your screen... very interesting...

Station Six Underground said...

Yes indeed. If you read the actual address of my first link, you will see that it goes directly to the NSA, www.nsa.gov

No ambiguity there. The document is genuine.

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