Cop confronts subject with calm professionalism, for a change

While I do have to commend the officer for handling the situation far better than most of the videos we see these days, there is still cause for concern.

By what right did the officer stop the subject "Jeremy" to begin with? Was there a crime in the neighborhood that he was investigating, that the perpetrator matched Jeremy's description? Had Jeremy been jay-walking, or illegally eating ice cream while on a sidewalk?

Okay, so he was carrying an unloaded pistol on his side in plain view. Are we to be stopped by police every time we do something that is NOT illegal now? What sort of precedent does that set? Do the police have the right to pull you over in your car, which is a dangerous piece of equipment that kills more people each day than guns, and ask you if you intend to do anything dangerous with that vehicle? If police see a book of matches in your hand, does that give them to check your cigarette pack to make sure it's not "loaded" with a joint or two?

So while I do commend the officer being civil to the man whom he stopped, I still see the stop itself as harassment... unless of course he had probable cause.

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