How to Cop Proof Your Cell Phone

The California Supreme Court reached a decision in People v. Diaz that police may lawfully search mobile phones on arrested individuals, without first obtaining a search warrant. So with this ruling, should we just call privacy dead or are there still tricks to keep your personal information safe? Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ryan Radia explains.


Anonymous said...

This is great advice... And remember they still need a warrant to search your car. So if you have a cell phone when you're pulled over... Dump in under your seat. Do not keep it on you.

Station Six Underground said...

They don't need a warrant anon@2:46. All they need is probable cause, or to convince you to let them search. Check out how it really goes down in the real world. Check out the second to last video in this thread...


Station Six Underground said...

My advice would be to make sure your cellphone has a password protection, and REFUSE to give them them the password. I have mine set that any time I power off, you need the password to power on again. That was I don't have to enter the code every time, but I can power down quickly if I see a confrontation about to happen.

Also, I refuse to use a phone for internet use. I only text and talk, and even there quite limited. I am much more active on my computer, which is encrypted and will self-destruct if tampered with.

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