Lizard of Oz - Sunhouse

Little bit of an introduction to Illuminati bloodlines followed by a good rock jam that should be well enjoyed and understood by fans of conspiracy theory...

Every single solitary war Is merely the rich manipulating the poor Every single solitary war Is merely the rich manipulating the poor From ancient kings of yore
And Pharaohs from before Illuminati bloodlines rule the world They dress themselves in skin And conquer from within Saluting to a flag as yet unfurled
They have their go-betweens And justify their means By playing on our fears and pent desire The fabled Lords of Rings They are the Lizard Kings By dragons' breath the skies alight with fire Cause I don't want to be the one who told you so
But I told you so It gives me no pleasure now To say, to say You are not the only ones to be controlled To be controlled We are but the masters of the day The day
The men of skulls and bones They sit upon their thrones But they are just the pawns that we can see The secrets that are kept Have grown up as we slept
And now they threaten all humanity You may be one to laugh Call it a foolish path
But wise men say the truth will make us free The part that they leave out Is that without a doubt The truth destroys a false reality

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