More Brutality and False Arrests by NYPD?

Another one from the NYPD.

They keep yelling at the kid to put his arms behind his back, yet the way they have him pinned it doesn't look like he is even physically able to comply. There does not appear to be any active resistance and therefore it should not be that difficult to get the cuffs on him from that position, hopefully without breaking his arms to do it.

To be fair to the police, we don't see in this tape whether or not they actually had probable cause to detain/arrest the subject, so we have accept that this one arrest may have been legit. They do allude to a 911 call, but never state why they have pounced on this person who appears to have been sitting in private property.

What is more disturbing though, is toward the end when several other people, and the one in the "brown shirt" in particular, are arrested without any apparent cause, simply on the say so of one of the original officers at the scene. I would like to see what they charged him with.

Unfortunately, there is no description for this video to give us any technical. details of the incident, but it certainly does not look good for the NYPD to be conducting themselves like this.

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