Rapper 'The Game' May Face Charges in 'Accidental' Hoax

I'm not a big fan of the police, and can even cheer some good civil disobedience, but I think this was pretty pointless and stupid. Made me chuckle, but still, not really so cool...

Rapper could face charges after 'flashcalls' overwhelm sheriff's station

The Game sent tweets with phone number of station, which led to hundreds of prank calls

LOS ANGELES — A rapper could face criminal charges after a tweet from his account incited a telephone flash mob that overwhelmed the emergency phone system at one of busiest stations of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department, the agency said Saturday.

The sheriff’s department alleges The Game tweeted the Compton station’s phone number Friday and told his 580,000 followers to call the number if they wanted an internship.

More details at link:


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