Single Dad Forced to Abandon 11-Year Old as Banks Foreclose

Eleven-year-old Sebastian Cross woke up July 18 to find his dad gone.

Left behind were two notes.

In the first, his father, Steven Alexander Cross, said there were no jobs for architects in the current economy. It went on to say their Lakeville home was in foreclosure and they would be evicted the following week.

Cross instructed Sebastian in the note to take his PlayStation and go to a neighbor's house.

The second note asks the neighbors to take care of his son.

"If this paper is wet, it's because I am crying so bad," the father wrote to the boy. "You know your dad loves you more than anything."

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Cross, 60, who was charged this month with a gross misdemeanor of child neglect, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint.

Sebastian is in the custody of Dakota County Child Protection, said County Attorney James Backstrom. He is living with a foster family but soon will be placed permanently with a relative.

"For a parent to abandon a child under these circumstances - it is both unusual and disturbing," Backstrom said.

Cross' last known whereabouts were in California, but officials have been unable to locate him.

On Thursday, his two-story home was vacant. Foreclosure signs on the front door said the house is under new ownership and told where to go to collect any items left behind. A bank bought the home Jan. 25 for $336,925, according to county records.

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Unusual and disturbing there eh Mr. Lawyer who apparently has a fuckin' job. Better get used to this trend folks. And here they are going to charge this man with a crime, as if he wanted to lose his house and his son. This country makes me fekkin sick.

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