Local Storm Damage

When I went to bed last night, well early this morning, I thought we dodged the worst of it. I even slept with my window open. When I woke up, I saw that it had even stopped raining. Then I looked out in the yard. FLOOD.

As it turns out, flooding is pretty bad here locally. Many roads not only underwater, but destroyed. Many folks have had to leave their homes, others can't get out without a raft and have had to call for help. Local 911 is inundated with calls from people trapped in their homes and cars and the calls keep pouring in. Just heard another call of 8 people trapped in a house. 

I was going to put together an album of local photos, but I am having some technical problems and the power is jacking around on me, so I will post a few submitted by a friend of mine here, and link you to the Facbook page where locals have been posting pics of what really does appear to be a disaster now.

Some more rain is falling now, and now we are finally getting hit with the winds. A limb just cracked and came down as I am typing this. Looks like we might be in for a long night here in Dutchess County NY.

Thanks for the pics Jason...

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