Blue Alert: Because Police are Special

Blue Alert will warn public of attacks on police
Utah is the tenth state to adopt the system

Starting Monday, a person who attacks a police officer and flees could find his description flashing on highway signs and on news outlets within minutes.

Utah has created a "Blue Alert" — an Amber Alert-style warning system designed to get the public looking for people suspected of assaulting police officers.

"This would have provided a wider dissemination [of information] to the general public" in the recent shooting deaths of Millard County Sheriff deputy Josie Greathouse Fox and Kane County Sheriff's deputy Brian Harris, said Layton Police Chief Terry Keefe at a press conference Monday.

"We might have been able to apprehend those [shooters] earlier," Keefe said.

Emergency responders who pushed for the statewide alert say that people who attack law enforcement officers pose an elevated threat to the public.

Here is the problem with that though. They use flawed logic as the basis for this push for the new system. Maybe they could explain to me how exactly someone is MORE dangerous after killing a cop, then say someone who kills my co-worker in a holdup at a gas station.

The fact of the matter is that this system is nothing more than yet another privilege enjoyed by the police, making the general public second-rate citizens once again.

Why not simply make the "Blue Alert" a nationwide system of important crime info? One to include ANY potentially dangerous situation or situations in which the public's help is needed.

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