Cops Rampage, Killing Exotic Animals (UPDATED)

In Ohio, zookeeper apparently released nearly 50 exotic animals from his preserve before killing himself. Lions, bears, wolves and giraffes were among the animals sent roaming in public areas sparking fear and forcing the closure of schools in the area.

According to PoliceOne.com Facebook page, officials have killed 44 of the beasts so far. There is no report to explain why police have resorted to killing the animals, rather than hitting them with tranquilizers when they are located.

Here locally in upstate NY, we occasionally have black bears which wander into neighborhoods and urban areas. When they are spotted, they are tracked down, shot with a tranquilizer dart, and relocated. That does not appear to have been the strategy here for some reason. Rather, the police have chosen to put down the beasts though there are no reports of them doing any harm.

Check out the vide report from CBS News:

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While most news reports failed to mention the tigers among the list of wild animals on the loose, the fact is that police did in fact execute highly endangered tigers.

South China tigers are functionally EXTINCT in the wild, and most other species of tiger have only a few hundred breeding pairs left in the wild.

Police did this...

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