The Only Good Cop Is An Ex-Cop

It can be difficult and heart-wrenching for someone like me, to rail against the police the way I do. After all, I have done law-enforcement work myself, I am a first-responder, I work closely with police to this day, I have police officers in my family, I have police officers who I count as friends. And for those reasons, so many people cannot understand why oh why I would ever talk bad about the police, and so loudly as I do to actually print anti-police articles in a public blog.

Please take the time to read this article I stumbled across, which really nails down the reasons behind a seemingly incongruous standpoint. Here is an excpert, with the full article hotlinked in the title headline...

There Are No Good Cops

There are no good cops anymore.  They’re all bad.  Even this former New Orleans cop says 70% of his department should be fired or indicted.

Don’t email me about your best friend from high school who you swear is a good cop.  He’s not a good cop.  Neither is the cop who lives down the street who has the fun July 4th party every year.  Your cop uncle isn’t a good cop either.  They’re all bad cops.  They might all be good people, great people, when you hang out with them on their days off, but being a good person outside the job does not translate into being a good cop.
If your cop friend has ever ticketed or arrested someone for a victimless crime he’s a bad cop and the poor souls he arrested or ticketed were so for committing acts that harmed nobody.

Imagine if a normal citizen started going around acting like a typical cop.  Imagine a normal-looking guy in regular clothes handcuffing people, throwing them in the back of his vehicle, and then locking them up in his dungeon because he doesn’t approve of them consuming marijuana, carrying a handgun on their person for self-defense without government permission, or even fishing without a license.  Imagine if this guy was demanding that people who don’t wear their seatbelts give him money.  Imagine if this person was claiming the right to use violent force against anyone who didn’t comply and the right to kill anyone who physically fought back.

Regardless of whether or not he believed he was doing a good deed, such an individual would rightly be seen as crazed and criminal.  But this is exactly what typical police do on a daily basis.

The only good cop is an ex-cop who left the force disgusted by the number of victimless crime laws he was asked to enforce.

(Article continues at source.)

In the past, I have used this video as an example of the mentality of the modern policing. The victim was lucky that she was not seriously injured or killed, but that should make it no less appalling the way police laugh and joke about their violent assault against a peaceful citizen. Perhaps you can point out here, which cop in this crowd, was the "good cop."

And just for the record, it's not that myself or people like myself hate police as individuals or that we don't appreciate the good deeds they do. But being likeable people, doing good deeds, does not make police immune from scrutiny for the very bad things they do and the fascist laws they uphold.

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