Transplanted Head

I recently read an article in a book written by David Southwell about a Frankenstein/Dr. Moreau-esque experiment, and I'm hoping to find more information/confirmation of the subject.

The author states that in 1970 a Dr. Robert J. White severed the head of a rhesus monkey and successfully transplanted it to "the still-living but headless body of another rhesus monkey." The author further states the Dr.White wanted "former Superman star Christopher Reeve to be among the first humans to undergo the operation."

If this topic has been discussed elsewhere, please point me to it. If not, I hope this will be a successful topic of discussion. I would like to find more facts before going into more conspiratorial aspects of such bizarre science, and the implications it may have.

If this experiment was successful nearly 40 years ago, I seriously wonder what its modern equivalent would be, or even is. If you cross-reference modern surgery techniques, along with recent advances in cloning the implications are downright frightening. I am immediately reminded of the movie "The Island".

I also have trouble believing that such experiments have not been followed up on, tough never made public for obvious reasons. This could be the cure for nearly any ailment or injury, the only downside is who gets to donate the body.

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