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I just joined a brand new forum, and I'm hoping some of you guys might also be interested in a place to hang out and shoot the shit. It's mainly focused on local news discussions in that part of NY State, but it has other forums as well that have some potential to open up to wider topics. This is what they say about themselves on the welcome page...

Hudson Valley Forums is here to provide an open discussion setting for all those who join. Our target audience is, of course, residents of the historic Hudson Valley region of New York State, but there are no residency requirements to join. Registration if free, and only requires a valid email address. Registration is not required to view most forums.

Many folks from the local mid-Hudson area, centered around Poughkeepsie, have complained that there is really no place on the internet where we can come together as community members in order to discuss current events. Hudson Valley Forums is here to fill that need. We are not an alternative to any legitimate news sources, nor is it our mission to provide news material. Instead, our focus is on delivering an arena for frank and open discussion of news items and local issues which might have already been reported elsewhere.

When referencing outside news items, please be sure to follow the guidelines set forth in our Terms & Conditions of service.

It is also our goal to allow conversations to flow as freely as possible, without heavy-handed moderation and censorship. Members should strive for some level of civility and decorum, but censorship is anathema to the ideals of liberty and truth. To better understand where the line will be drawn between what is and is not allowed, again, please be sure to read over our Terms & Conditions of service. Generally speaking however, we only expect fellow members to conduct themselves as they would in any public setting.

Although our primary intention when establishing this website was to give locals a place to gather and discuss local news, you will notice that there are other discussion forums available here as well. While our Local & Regional forum is the primary focus for this message board, we also have forums for Nation & World news, a classifieds section for member advertisements, and "The Pub" forum, where members can relax a little and talk about whatever crosses our mind. There are some ideas in mind for future expansion as well, but for now...

Thanks for visiting the Hudson Valley Forums! We hope that you will join in on our discussions!

Hudson Valley Forums

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