March on City Hall Protesting Fatal Shooting, Newburgh NY

Two hours after Michael Lembhard's funeral, hundreds of people took to the streets and marched on city hall protesting the circumstances of his death. The 22 year-old father of two was shot dead by police in his sister's living room, following a reported domestic dispute and brief pursuit into the residence. Police say he was suicidal and lunged at them with a knife, before he was shot 9 times. Lembhard was also wanted on seven outstanding charges. Some were only minor violations but among the unanswered charges were also allegations of domestic violence and menacing with a knife. Friends and family challenge the version of events given by police, and one protester suggested that police should have tased the suspect rather than shoot him. Excessive force, or just another tragedy in the ghetto?

Considering that he died under circumstances quite similar to what had been charged in at least one previous event, it's quite possible that the police version of events is relatively accurate. Sadly, poor folk are desperate folk, especially when they have children to feed. Trying to survive in poverty, the pressures of life in the ghetto, these are things that most people would not care to understand. Those pressures often lead to unpredictable outbursts, domestic infighting, and rash decisions. But is a police officer to blame for the ills of society? Sadly, they do often contribute to the injustices perpetuated against the poor, but nonetheless, any officer has the right to defend themselves or others if need be. So in that reasoning, I would estimate that the shooting may have indeed been justified. A violent, seemingly unreasonable man lunges at you with a knife, would you not defend yourself? I know I would. Indeed, if I was armed, I would shoot the would-be attacker.

But there is another point to be considered here as well. An option that we civilians are barred from. The taser. Even in communities where you can go about armed with a firearm, civilians are not generally allowed to carry a taser. Police, on the other hand, use such devices gratuitously. They often justify seemingly unprovoked applications with "well, we could have killed him instead" sort of responses. Pretending that tasers are only applied under circumstances for which they were originally intended to be deployed. As a less-than-lethal alternative to the firearm, when a shooting would otherwise be justified. This case seems to make clear that the Newburgh police do not use tasers to incapacitate a potentially violent suspect who is armed with a deadly weapon. This of course then begs the question, what are they actually using their tasers for? Why did they kill Michael Lembhard, rather than tase him?

Chaos Erupts Following Police Shooting Of Father Of 2 In Newburgh

Angry protesters in Newburgh take to streets after shooting victim's funeral

Angry Newburgh residents march on city hall

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