Zimmerman a Pedophile? (EXCLUSIVE REPORT!)

Seminole County, Florida - With the discovery today of sexually explicit material in a Florida storage unit, some officials are speaking off the record about their suspicions that George Zimmerman may have wanted to have sex with Trayvon Martin.

"Being a neighborhood watch captain puts one in a unique position to be able to prowl for victims," one official tells us. "Given the nature of the material we found in this storage unit, I would say it is quite possible that he was on the prowl for young black males."

Inside the storage unit believed to have once been rented by George Zimmerman, were sexually explicit DVD's depicting various grades of fetish filth. But perhaps most alarming was one title, "Black Anal Fisting #55" in which actors even engaged in toilet plumbing hardware fetish acts. Most of the actors in the film were of African-American descent, leading some to wonder why a white man would have black porn in his storage unit.

A spokesman for the company who operates the storage unit facility stopped short of confirming that George Zimmerman actually rented this particular unit, but did confirm that, "He has rented from us in the past, we can verify that with surveillance video taken in the office."

While none of the pornography uncovered is explicitly illegal, another police official had this to say: "Given the disturbing nature of the material uncovered here, it is not a stretch of the imagination at all to assume that someone who would watch this, would prey on young black children for sexual gratification."

A Trayvon Martin supporter shares their own opinion of the discovery saying, "It never made sense to me until now. Why else would Zimmerman have bothered to take notice of a stranger walking around his neighborhood in the rain staring at houses? I mean, after all, he had his hood up, it's not like he was going to get very wet. I think when the truth comes out at trial, we will find that this white guy just had a thing for black kids."

A Zimmerman supporter tried to deflect blame though, telling us, "You can hardly blame him if that's the case. He probably saw the Skittles pack in Trayvon's hand, and took that as a sign that he was willing to share gay sex, maybe for more goodies at the corner store. I think it was irresponsible of him to flash his Skittles at strangers in traffic."

Stay tuned for more updates.

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