Teacher Responsible for Cuts and Burns on Children in Demonic Ritual

Florida - Danielle Harkins, 35, was a literacy skills teacher. Now she faces child abuse charges stemming from a bizarre incident in which she encouraged former students to cut and burn themselves in order to cast out evil spirits that were lurking in their bodies.

The teacher is alleged to have brought seven teens to a spot near a St. Petersburg pier, where a fire was started, which they danced around and chanted. The teacher is suspected of then telling the students that they must be cut, to release evil spirits, and that the wound must then be cauterized in order to prevent the spirit from returning. Two children were cut, one in the neck, who then had their wound cauterized with a burning house key. The other had perfume poured over the wound, which the teacher then lit on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The event only came to light after one of the teens texted a friend about it, who in turn told their own parents. The six boys and one girl who were involved are not being cooperative with police.

Harkins is recently divorced and has two young children.

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