Can You Use the Phone and Drive? Take This Test to Find Out!

Cognition is imperative to the full-spectrum dynamics of any driving situation. 

Accuracy is imperative here. This selective attention test will gauge your cognitive capability.

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Also check out this info:

Cell Phone Use as Dangerous as Drunken Driving

Drivers who talk on either handheld or hands-free cellular phones are as impaired as drunken drivers, according to experimental research conducted by Drs. Frank Drews, David Strayer, and Dennis L. Crouch of the University of Utah.

The study reinforced earlier research showing that hands-free cell phones are just as distracting as handheld cell phone.

“If legislators really want to address driver distraction, then they should consider outlawing cell phone use while driving.” says Dr. Drews.

Both handheld and hands-free cell phones impaired driving, with no significant difference in the degree of impairment. That “calls into question driving regulations that prohibited handheld cell phones and permit hands-free cell phones,” the researchers write.

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