Good Cop is Victim of Bad Cops

A Metro Transit Authority police officer was stabbed, with what reports call a "devastating" wound to his eye and face.
Edgar Owens

 ...the knife almost severed his eye in half and it will be two or three days before the prognosis for Barnett's vision is known.

The reported attack was at the LIRR Jamaica Station, while he patrolled Sutphin Boulevard below the El.

 Once stabbed, Barnett drew his weapon and warned Owens to drop his knife. When Owens refused and approached the officer, Barnett fired four shots, striking Owens three times in the jaw, chest and hip, MTA said. 

The motive for the attack is not quite clear, but reports indicate a severe disdain for law-enforcement, rather than a calculated attack against an officer. It would appear from this attack, and others before, that the perpetrator simply hates cops and wants to harm them.

Hmmm. Wonder where that hatred comes from.

The MTA said Owens has a history of confronting police officers. In 2006, he walked into the 26th Precinct stationhouse and punched an officer in the face. In 2007, he walked into the 103rd Precinct and said he wanted to get arrested, and would punch someone if necessary. He has a history of additional arrests as well, according to the MTA.
Full story here

I just can't help but think here, that this lunatic was wrogned by police. Not just wronged becasue he did something wrong himself, but legitimately wronged, which put him on a righteous path to hate cops.

Can't say I don't empathize with someone like that, having been a victim myself of police brutality. Just the same though, I could never live with myself for cutting open a man's eye simply because of the job he does.

Let us see now what other evidence comes out though. Doesn't take much at all to provoke a cop into a violent confrontation. 

But as it stands now, I feel bad for that cop, seriously.

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