Police Release K-9, Open Fire On Crowd of Women and Children

Absolutely revolting. I suppose these cops were some of those "rare bad apples" we always hear about. Yea right. Wake up America. The police are not there to protect you. They are not your friend.

UPDATE: In the news report there we heard that police tried to buy the videos that people had taken of the pandemonium there. Trying to buy their silence in other words. But why would that be necessary at all if the police action was legal and justified? I am hearing now that this was not actually a rally at all to protest the shooting, but actually a family picnic on private property, where the citizens were discussing holding a rally at some point in the future. This was NOT the protest, according to what I am hearing now. This was just a family picnic where organizing a protest was being discussed. Are the police infiltrating your local neighborhood barbecues with spies now?


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