Was Batman Massacre a Test of UN Gun Ban Viability?

The massacre at the Colorado movie theater, during a showing of the latest Batman movie, was a horrific event which polarized the American public on Constitutional gun-rights issues. Social media and discussion forums were inundated with opinions in the wake of this horrific event. In the days that followed, we were also hit with all sorts of information that could support the idea that it was a conspiracy, that more than just the lone-gunman accused were involved, and even that it might have been a false-flag terrorist attack conspired by factions of our own government. Indeed, there might have been some merit to the idea that the event would be used to solidify domestic opposition to our own Second Amendment. You can read a little bit about those theories here...

Theater Shooter a Manchurian Candidate?

But conspiracy theories aside, what if this event was used as a sort of barometer, to test the viability of the proposed UN mandate to eviscerate our Second Amendment? To measure whether or not it was politically viable? It's pretty much a given at this point, that the NSA and other agencies are monitoring and measuring all digital data in America. So why should they not exploit that information to get a direct "pulse of the people?"

Whether or not the shooter was some unwitting agent of some rogue government faction, it seems clear that somehow, the President got the message, that now is not the time to take our guns, and that more propaganda is required to make the idea palatable. The idea of taking away our Second Amendment I mean...

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