Hurricane Sandy Planned in 1997, Documents Prove

In 1997, Westchester County (NY) Communications Officer Sandy Fried attended a seminar at the National Hurricane Training Center in Miami (FL). Part of the training was a simulation using data from the Hurricane of 1938 that caused major losses on Long Island and in Westchester. The texts of the simulated bulletins, forecasts, discussions and strike probabilities along with the hurricane’s track were sent home with the seminar attendees.

The coincidences are astounding. Not only was the simulated hurricane named Sandy, after the county communications officer, but it was also predicted to strike in October, and was also predicted to make landfall within two hours of the actual landfall of the real hurricane Sandy.

Below are captured screenshots of the drill data. You may also visit the related page at the Westchester Emergency Communications Association website.

"The intended audience for this report is those responsible for emergency management planning in Westchester County, NY."

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