Will NJ Decide the Election?

There's a lot of conspiracy theory floating about, and a lot of distrust of the government to fuel the craziness. But I have to admit, that the latest news is at the very least, disconcerting. A little background first.

There are a lot of folks saying that Hurricane Sandy was actually planned, in order to disrupt the election. Sounds crazy, but the truth is that weather control technology has been used since the 1960's. Granted, there is no system which openly displays its ability to create and controls hurricanes, but everything from aluminum cloud seeding by the USAF to create rain, to the Chinese government actually blocking rain with artillery shells during the Beijing Olympics, are some examples to show that weather control technology is alive and well. There is a wide consensus among conspiracy investigators that HAARP is a weather-control machine of sorts, which serves multiple functions.

Even if you don't believe in HAARP, try this on for size:

Hurricane Sandy Planned in 1997, Documents Prove

Okay, so maybe weather control stuff is true. But election fraud? In America? Surely that's not possible. Not in the land of the free where democracy is the backbone of our constitutional republic. Right? Hmmmmm....

Okay, so they can manipulate the weather, they do voter fraud stuff in America. But how do you tie the two together here Captain? Welllll, I am the only one who thinks that leaving the Department of Defense in charge of votes might be a conflict of interest?

NJ to use military trucks as polling places in storm-battered areas, extends mail-in voting

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