New Leadership Restores Faith in Local PD

Some time ago, this blog was highly critical of the official handling of a high-profile homicide in the small historic town of Hyde Park, NY. The ins-and-outs of the case became outright scandalous.

While we make no apologies for our own coverage of the story, as heart-wrenching and gritty as it was, it is important to give credit where credit is due as a new chapter unfolds.

Sadly, there is a new homicide case in that small town. The brutal slaying of a happy, well-liked older woman in her own home on Thanksgiving seemed entirely senseless. And while many questions remain, we feel it is important to give credit where credit is due.

There is a new Chief in town, and he appropriately kept a low-profile and did his job, rather than dancing to the tune of political pandering. Furthermore, this new leadership was not bent on "cracking the big one" on their own, but instead showed resolve in calling in all resources available without hindrance of departmental arrogance.

This low-profile diligence appears to have paid off and paid off quickly. The case developed rapidly from a sketch of a possible suspect, who was subsequently ruled out, to suddenly the arrest of a new suspect thousands of miles away.

While the New York State Police (Troop K) played a leading role in this case this time, the "small town" Hyde Park Police Department appear to have been instrumental in cracking this case through their own local rapport and keen awareness of the local goings-on.

In short, thank you Hyde Park Police Department, NYSP, local first-responders, and specialized units as well, for your diligent and ongoing efforts to resolve this case.

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