Gun Ownership Must Be Declared to School Your Child Attends

Lawmakers in Missouri have proposed a bill that will require parents to declare the weapons they keep at home to the school their child/children attend. Failure to comply will result in a fine. If your child uses a gun to harm or kill someone, parents will be guilty of a class D felony, and pay a fine ten times higher.

Not only is this an obvious money-making racket by lawmakers, like so many newly proposed anti-gun laws across the nation, but we can also see such a law creating an even more dangerous situation. As tragic as the school shooting in Connecticut was, it still remains a quite isolated incident that was not even perpetrated by a student.

A person is far more likely to he hurt or killed in an everyday sort of crime, such as a robbery or home invasion, that will never garner national media attention. And therefore, it is a much more prudent to maintain some level of secrecy surrounding one's gun ownership, lest they or their home be targeted by criminals. Those criminals may be intent on taking the guns themselves or at the very least, will come prepared to do you harm, knowing now that you are armed and how you are armed. This danger is the very basis of concealed weapons, and the permitting of carrying concealed weapons.

In New York State, gun owners suddenly became acutely aware of such information falling into the wrong hands, when the irresponsible rag Journal News decided to publish the names and addresses of legally permitted gun owners in several counties. They even went so far as to create an interactive web-page with the information. They finally took the page down when gun owners homes were targeted by robbers and burglars.

But being the underdog in a crime scenario is not the only threat to parents who must declare their guns to a school. Such information could be used in any number of discriminatory ways, against a student and/or the parents especially.

At the end of the day, it's no one's damn business whether or not you have a gun in your home, if you are a law abiding citizen protected by the Second Amendment.

Here is a link to the Missouri bill: 




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