Profanity Police

There was a bit of an uproar when Chief Mark Kessler from Gilberton, Pennsylvania made a YouTube video laced with profanity. He then responded with the following video.

Now, before we watch it, let me just make a few points of opinion here. First, cops are indeed human beings and I am not overly offended to hear a cop drop an f-bomb or somesuch. On the other hand, I do believe that a police officer, particularly the chief of an agency, should be setting an example of decency. It's one thing to use foul language in a conversation but it's a little bit different when you make a public video for the world to see, representing your entire community, and you start cussing up a storm. As I said, I am not personally offended by such behavior, but it does seem rather unprofessional.

I do admire his tenacity. But his response was rather ignorant and juvenile. He is portraying police as foul-mouthed thick-headed half-stupid gun nuts. Firing machine guns to make his point feels like more of a threat than a display of his marksmanship and hardware.

Don't get me wrong here either, I am a big advocate of the Second Amendment and the right of every American to keep and bear arms. So I actually don't disagree with his sentiment in the original video that started this "scandal."

So I do agree with his stand on the Second Amendment, and I even chuckled a little when he apologized with a fuck you. All in all though, I do think he is another example of the low IQ lunk-heads we trust to protect us, and trust to do the right thing even under the most intense situations. Clearly, his judgement is not very professional.

If this is how he acts in front of the world, it really calls into question how professional he will act toward a suspect, or in an actual gun fight, or just toward someone he doesn't like. I get the impression that he will do whatever he wants, regardless of what is expected of him, and regardless of the law. This is the impression I get from most police today. That they will do as they please. That they will twist the law and bend the entire legal system to justify what they do.

If you had some dealings with Chief Kessler, and he pegged you as a "libtard" he just might want to shoot you. Don't expect to get fair and impartial treatment.

And speaking of equality, let's take a second look at his hardware there. I am betting that if he stopped you and found any one of those weapons in your trunk, you would wind up doing some serious prison time. Maybe he would agree with me here, maybe not, but I don't believe you should have to be a police officer to have access to high power fully automatic machine guns with high capacity magazines. And whether or not he would agree with me there, you can bet he would still toss you in the slammer, unless of course you were a friend of his or maybe showed him that you were not a "libtard."

Anyway, that's my rant for today.

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