Trayvon Martin Case Infotainment Hoax by Media?

It may sound ridiculous to even entertain such wild theories. But then again, the more crazy something sounds to most of us, the easier it is to get away with, if you are the one behind the conspiracy. This premise is what drives me to at least stop and listen, to consider ideas that you will never hear about in the mainstream media, even if I don't buy into the whole theory.

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you should already know that the case we are talking about here is the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a now exonerated George Zimmerman.

We have all seen for ourselves the profound impact the case has had on our society, particularly as it pertains to race relations. But why?

Zimmerman himself was not white, but Latino and black. He was also not obviously a racist, having had black business partners, had dated black women, had black foster-siblings whom he was raised with, and even attacked police defending a black homeless man. Nevertheless, this case has become a lightning-rod for racial hatred, even though it doesn't seem to make any sense, having nothing to do with the case.

We are also talking about a case that at any other time probably would have never even made it into the spotlight of major media networks. This is not to make light of a person being shot and killed, but all in all, this case was fairly mundane from a news standpoint. There were no especially outstanding facts in this case to garner the media attention it wound up getting. It's a sad fact of life in the world and in America, that people are killed everyday, often under circumstances more clearly heinous than anything we saw in this case. People get shot, killed, trials are held, people go to prison, others are found-not guilty, and the wheels of justice keep on clicking along the tracks.

So again we have to ask why, why has this case been made such a national spectacle, when we have much more important things to worry about?

Was the media itself to blame, for blowing this case entirely out of proportion? Were they responsible for whipping up racial hatred, of spinning the reporting in that direction even though there was no actual racist element to the case? Were there even bigger powers, bigger agendas behind the reporting? Was there an actual conspiracy to deliberately sow division among Americans, and distract us from the very real problems we are facing as a nation and as a society?

As we already see, it doesn't really make much sense for this case to have been given the attention it has. But just because it doesn't make sense to us, in the moment, when you really stop and think about it, you can bet that someone, somewhere has gone to a lot of trouble to make this case explode across the networks. It makes perfect sense to whatever cabal is behind the manipulation of our social consciousness.

A lot of people have pointed out the the family of Trayvon Martin themselves were behind the push to draw the media spotlight onto their son's death. But how were they so successful, when there are thousands of other families out there looking for justice for their loved ones too, on any given day?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, is a high ranking member in fraternal orders with ties to secret-societies. This is not a theory, this is true information, to make of it as you will.

So, perhaps this made him well-enough connected to those in power in order to open the spotlight of the national and even international media attention onto the shooting death of his son. Others have theorized that the entire case was a conspiracy from the start, to do exactly what it has done, to divide and distract the American people. The secret societies engineered the whole case right from the start, and that Tracy Martin himself might have actually been in charge of the whole plot. But would he actually sacrifice his own son in order to further the agenda of some elite seciet society he was a part of? It's possible. Heck, even in the mafia family have sacrificed family to further the goals of their nefarious organizations. But what if there never was a Trayvon Martin at all? That would make it much easier, to sacrifice a son you never had.

It might also explain why Trayvon's criminality doesn't actually appear in any official police reports. A point that was not raised in the videos above. He was caught vandalizing property, caught with drugs, and caught with a backpack full of stolen women's jewelry and burglar tools, but none of that ever made it onto an actual police report. The excuse was that his school covered it up, but maybe the cover up itself was actually fabricated to add depth the the identity of a false character who never existed in the first place, except on the stage of propaganda.

All in all, I can't say that I do or don't actually believe it. But it makes for a compelling theory anyway.


(Thanks to Black H@t of LOP)

The creator of this video also believes the Trayvon Marticn case is a hoax, not to bring about race war, but to further the agenda of those seeking to undermine the 2nd Amendment.


MsTweetie said...

Your question about "how did the family of Trayvon Martin themselves push to draw the
media spotlight onto their son's death. But how were they so successful?" Two names come to mind. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Had they not shoved their noses into this case, we would not be having this conversation. They are racists to the core and like to stir up race relations between blacks and whites. They've succeeded. The 'New Black Panther Party" (thugs) have offered $10,000 to anyone who knows the location and can produce George Zimmerman. He's got a target on his back and if what I saw and heard yesterday when a member of this 'party' says Zimmerman will be killed. And he said this on a live Florida local news station interview. Even if he isn't the one who pulls the trigger, why is he not arrested for conspiracy to commit murder? And ya'll think Zimmerman's not guilty verdict was the shit hitting the fan... Arresting this guy might prove worse. Especially if Sharpton and Jackson don't mind their own business and stir things up again.

Station.6.Underground said...

Check out this video where an ex-gangbanger calls out Sharpton and Jackson.

You might also be interested in this article...

Threats by Trayvon Supporters Ignored While Kids Are Jailed for Nonsense

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