A Note From Captain Six

If you have been a regular follower, you have noticed that my tempo of posting has gone way down. I like to put my take on at least a few news stories a week, if not daily, but I have hit some pretty hard times here. Did some time in jail for one thing. I expect to have the case dismissed soon, but it's gone a lot further than it ever should have. The legal troubles and a death in the family of someone I was very close to have compounded other troubles as well. So really, for the time-being, I just don't have what it takes to be as active as I was here on the site. I do apologize for that.

Thank you though, for your continued support. I still intend to go on as an activist for truth and justice, and will continue to post here as well, just not as often as I like to for now.

If you can see your way to clicking the donation key, any financial help you could give right now would be GREATLY appreciated.

If you haven't already, please join our Facebook page. I will share some of our best material from here, on the page from time to time, as topics come up and old articles find their way to still being very relevant information.

Stay free my friends!

-Captain Six

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