Two Cops Brawl During Traffic Stop

And this is why there are so few good cops out there. Because the crooked ones rule the roost.

On the one hand, the uniformed officer thought he "was about to shoot someone" as he put it, over a traffic violation. Had this been a civilian, that very well might have been the way it turned out. Almost certainly, the alleged speeder would have been pummeled into submission, then slapped with a whole slew of felonies and other charges. 

On the other hand though, an officer has every right to protect himself. So when the driver slammed the car door into his legs and jumped out, the uniformed officer was suddenly caught in a situation that was rapidly escalating out of his control. This is how cops get killed, by losing control of a situation. A police Lieutenant should know that better than just about anyone. Clearly, the internal affairs investigator was in the wrong here.

Nevertheless, no charges were filed against the detective. Not even the speeding ticket, after allegedly almost hitting a pedestrian at high speed. Again, if he had been a civilian, he would have been behind bars. There is no doubt of that whatsoever.

And the officer who really was just doing his job? Relieved of duty.

That's some... oh what's the French word for that? Oh yeah, bullshit!

MSM News Source

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