Next generation police cruiser

LAPD goes back to the Caprice with this 2012 prototype. The LPR or License Plate Reading technology is something that I have been against since it's inception for a number of reasons including questionable Constitutionality issues, but it's little surprise that it would be technology deployed on the latest police cruisers. The real cutting edge tech on this unit is the FLIR, or Forward Looking Infra Red system that can detect the heat from a person's footprints after they have already left the area. Up until now, the public has seen FLIR used mostly on police helicopters as a sort of alternative to night-vision tech.

Check out the vid for yourself, and see what you are up against, I mean, what will help police catch evil bad guys.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure those plate readers are mainly used to go after people who have warrants for unpaid tickets and other non-violent offenses.

Station Six Underground said...

And what if you are driving your brother's car who is behind on support payments? Or what if the car is registered to your parent, who is suddenly wanted for a felony?

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