U.S. Federal Authority is Martial Law

This is an excellent piece that I first read a few years ago. With more talk of the sovereign-citizen "movement" lately, I thought now would be a good time to drop a link here for you guys to have a read. This is some of the history behind sovereignty, and how it was stripped away from us as a people.

In this piece I will be providing documentation which shows that the United States of America’s Constitution, as prescribed by the nation’s founders, no longer has direct authority, and that the nation operates under a declared state of martial law. While it is true that the Constitution is referenced, and still alive in spirit to some extent, it is also true that it no longer binds effective governance in legitimacy. Sovereignty has been stripped from the people.

Let us begin with looking at what it means to be a free and self-determined people...

Please visit the link to view the full essay:


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