Parenting by taser

When a mother couldn't get her daughter to take a bath before bed, she decided to call 911. But is this even really a police matter? Had the child committed any crime? It doesn't appear so. Nonetheless, the child wound up being tasered and handcuffed by the officer who responded. Just because you have an unruly child, does not give someone the right to treat that child like an animal for one thing. And for another, the police have no right to violate a child's rights, even at the request of a parent. Is stun-gun parenting to be a new service provided by police now?

And let's not forget here, that despite their all-too-frequent use by police, tasers were never meant to be used as a submission tool. They were meant to be deployed only as a less-than-lethal alternative to shooting someone. Tsers are not a harmless toy, and people are killed by the jolts regularly.

So here we are now a society where it has become illegal for a parent to spank their child. Instead, we call in the nanny-state henchman to issue electric torture in order to get children to submit.

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