DNA proof that Hitler was an African Jew?

Adolf Hitler is likely to have been descended from both Jews and Africans, according to DNA tests.

Samples taken from relatives of the Nazi leader show that he is biologically linked to the 'sub-human' races he sought to exterminate.

Journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and historian Marc Vermeeren used DNA to track down 39 of the Fuhrer's relatives earlier this year.

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If this news is true, then perhaps we should consider the claims of various authors that Hitler was a front-man for the notorious Rothschild family...

Secrets of Zion

Meet the real Adolf Hitler

Hidden History

Was Hitler a Rothschild?


Anonymous said...

if this is true it makes me think there is a link to Obama today.

Station Six Underground said...

Wow, that is in interesting take on it. Given the connections to the Bush family and the Nazis, and the whole bloodlines conspiracy theory. Good thought anonymous.

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