NYPD thugs: 'We're in charge here'

Well, at least they are being culturally diverse about it. Please forgive me as I stereotype here a little. In this video, you will see a vanload of NYPD police officers stop and interrogate a white dude who went to Princeton for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. In the background, you will hear a black man, make a joke to the white man on the bicycle about being stopped for riding his bicycle on an empty sidewalk.

They exchange friendly jests for a moment, when suddenly a Jay-Z lookin' cop motherfucker steps out of the van with a Sista and a Polanski. The lead officer proceeds to demand I.D. from the pedestrian who, by law, is under no obligation to furnish any such I.D.

As more cops swarm in to affect an arrest, you will see a chubby Carlos Mencia looking dude come up behind the "suspect" as the more Hebrew-looking officer announces, "We're in charge here" and snaps the cuffs on.

Meanwhile, in true NY fashion, a twisted out crack-head comes stumbling down the block with a "Ey, wass goin' on here?" limp-legged approach. And of course, cops don't do anything about the hard narcotics user, but finish their arrest of a man who did absolutely nothing wrong.

This is a TRUE image of life in NY folks:

Meanwhile, Florida is all set to start starving people to death for using drugs...




Anonymous said...

What a lame video,.. this site is shit.

Station Six Underground said...

Lol, thanks for ringing in with your opinion officer.

Anonymous said...

yeah I live in brooklyn this is a pretty typical encounter unfortunately. saw my neighbor almost get arrested for no reason yesterday, in fact.

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