Former Detective Lieutenant faces 13-count indictment

This comes out of Kingston, New York. A little city north of NYC along the Hudson. The former top cop faces a 13-count indictment alleging that he stole from a high school where he moonlighted as a security guard, charging the district for hours he never worked. It is also alleged that he stole from the Ulster Savings Bank, committed fraud, falsified business records, and even stole from the evidence locker that he had sole access to while working as a member of the Ulster County Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team.

KINGSTON — Former City of Kingston Detective Lt. Timothy Matthews faces 13 charges, including the theft of more than $200,000 from Ulster County and the City of Kingston.

An Ulster County grand jury handed up the indictments Monday.

"The indictment charges Timothy Matthews with two counts of grand larceny in the second degree, alleging that he stole more than $50,000 from the City of Kingston," Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright said at a news conference. "The amount actually totaled over $130,000."

Carnright said Matthews is alleged to have stolen more than $79,000 from Ulster County while working as a member of the Ulster County Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team.

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