Reds rise again: Military menace of China?

Hope ya like eggrolls!

In this first video we will see confirmation of China's next-generation fighter, the Chengdu J-20. Though information is limited, it is believed to be superior to our F-22 Raptor in many ways. Though the raptor has the edge in maneuverability, in today's aerial battlefield that really only comes down to the very last line of defense for a pilot. The J-20 appears to have the edge in speed, range, and payload. The payload advantage means not only that it can hold more munitions, but also more sophisticated weapons, and even superior electronics options that will increase the survivability of the platform. Range would also be a distinct advantage in an engagement such as over the Strait of Taiwan, as our refueling tankers are not stealth. Feast your eyes now upon the "Black Dragon..."

Yeah, but that's just one weapon system right? Now granted, air power is the key to any modern military campaign, but it still comes down to boots on the ground right? Especially if China ever planned to beat the US in an outright brawl. Well, let's see how China rolls...

Hmmm, not too cool China. I'm not liking General Tso's chicken so much now. As if that weren't enough to ruffle your western Eagle feathers. Try this on for size. China doesn't even have to send men to win a war with the United States. Their women alone could kick our asses.

Population of the United States: 307,006,550, Chinese Women's army: 350,991,416

Maybe they will sing for us, and serve us watermelon...

...One flesh one bone
One true religion
One voice one hope
One real decision

Gimme one light, yeah
Gimme one hope, hey
Just gimme, ah
One man one man
One bar one night
One day hey hey
Just gimme gimme gimme gimme


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