Riddle of the missing dollar

Three people decide to get a hotel room. The room costs $30. Each chips in $10, they pay the clerk, and head up to room 310.

The manager reviews the transaction and sees that en error has been made. The clerk forgot to give the $5 rebate that was advertised as the Tuesday special.

The manager opens the cash drawer and pulls out 5 one dollar bills. He hands them to the clerk and says, "Bring this money up to room three-ten and apologize for the mistake."

In the elevator on the way up, the clerk figures that no one will know if he decides to keep a few bucks for himself. So, he puts two dollars in his pocket and keeps only three singles in his hand.

When the guests open their room door, the clerk apologizes and tells them that he forgot to apply a rebate special to their bill. Each of the three guests receives one single dollar bill, bringing their individual cost down to $9 each for the room.

Now, if each person paid $9 for the room, that is a total of $27 for the cost of the room after receiving their portion of the rebate.

If you then add the portion of the rebate in the clerk's pocket to the $27 you reach a total of $29. But the total cost of the room was originally $30.

Where did the other dollar go?!

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Anonymous said...

The dollar isn't missing, it's all a case of mis-direction...the $27 includes the bellhops $2 that he's keeping so if u add the remaining $3 he's giving back to the costumers it adds to $30.

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