UPDATED: Police Beat Man to Death

Kelly Thomas, a homeless man, was beaten into a coma by the Fullerton police during an arrest on July 5, 2011. Kelly died several days later.

In the background you can hear the victim, who was mentally ill, screaming "Dad! Dad! Dad!"

Read a news article on the matter at this link:


UPDATE (Date changed from July 27):

Here is a report by CNN. Embedding has been disabled, but it is available to view at the following link:



Anonymous said...

That's fucking disgusting, only in America would the cops get away with something that vile.

Station Six Underground said...

Agreed. And the sheeple go right along with it and make every excuse in the book for it. I was beaten, kicked, stomped on, and repeatedly tased a few years ago for no reason whatsoever. When I tried to tell people about what had happened to me, 90% of the people I talked to rolled their eyes and assumed I must have done "something" to deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You and Mr. Thomas may very well have done "something" wrong, but it seems like too many cops these days go out on the street looking for an excuse to snap and use excessive force. It reminds me of military kids who are itching to see some action in combat and get a chance to kill. It's as if some police yearn for it as well. Maybe they deal with and see so much real "scum" day-to-day on the streets, that it builds up and they just feel the urge to take vengeance on one unlucky person who pulls the last straw. Or maybe there just has to be some way to weed these types out before they're handed badges, or fight this mindset in training.

Station Six Underground said...

I didn't actually do anything wrong at all. I was suspected of a crime, but in fact, no crime had actually taken place at all. Even if one had, I did not confront or resist the officers in any way. I was completely cooperative. I used to wear a shield myself, I know the drill, and gave them no reason whatsoever to do what they did. This was in fact a major turning point for me. Shortly after the incident I turned in my shield, unable to be part of the fascist madness in the police-state that this nation has become.

As far as what motivated police to do things like this, it's not really so much a matter of weeding out the bad apples so to speak, but to limit police powers in such a way where even the bad apples have only limited impact on the citizenry.

Some food for thought on the inevitability of the abuse of power, and why we allow it...



Anonymous said...

The call for "Dad" haunts me, this is horrible. Thought you might be interested in this older case, a very well done video:

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