New Comments Format

As you can see we have added a new comment format to our comments section. It should make commenting a little easier to use and to keep up with conversations. Sadly, it is a generic typset so the gray is a little difficult to read, but I think it's worth the trade-off for a more streamlined and interactive interface. I may try to get in there in the next few days to rewrite some code too if I get ballsy.

The new system does require that you enter an email address to comment, but I will not be logging those addresses and will not be sending you any sort of spam. I would have preferred to leave it wide open like we had it before, but this system doesn't have that option. I left it as wide open and anonymous as possible, and entering an email address is not a subscription. I would think that most folks who comment on blogs and message-boards have a dummy account set up for commenting anyway.

Please keep in mind our guidelines as usual when posting. We're pretty open here and hate censorship, just don't be a total flaming asshole.


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