Toolbar Column and Subscription Options

In the left column you will notice a number of tools, including several different ways you can subscribe to this page.

Under the picture of me you will see a bunch of little flags. That tool can be used to translate the page into any language supported by Google Translate. Fun for you maybe, or a nice tool for sharing the information here with friends who don't speak English or who use English as a second language.

Next you will see a Donate key. Please do consider making a small donation if you have the means. I put a lot of work into this site, and frankly, I could really use the money for food and car repairs. You can think of it as helping someone help themselves, while at the same time paying to support a page you enjoy and which I hope to expand if I can get some funding trickling in.

Next down we have a key to follow us on our Facebook page. I think there are about 80 members or so now following us on the FB page. Most of the articles that get posted here, are linked there as well, so you can see what's new right from your own FB page.

Below that, you will find a tool to subscribe with the RSS system, to get updates on posts and/or comments. Really simple, great tool to keep up with new material here and ongoing discussions in the comment fields.

Next, email subscription. I haven't used it myself so I'm not sure what exactly it updates via email, but I would guess it informs you of new posts anyway when they are published.

And finally we have the Google followers. If you have a Google account, why not join this blog? Google accounts are free and have a variety of great services.

Further on down the column you will also find a number of cool little interactive buttons to play with as well.

Special thanks to John G. who sent me an email asking if there was a way to subscribe to comments in order to follow what's new. RSS is probably the most efficient and easy to use subscription tool, so give it a shot folks!

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