Filiberti Homicide Press Conference

Astoundingly, the Poughkeepsie Journal, the region's premiere news source, failed to carry this press conference live as promised. They are now providing this link however, to the aftermarket version...


Was the Sheriff drunk?

It also appears that at some point the DCSO took over as the lead agency on this case. Why? The suspect also live in Hyde Park? More importantly, why were we not told of this change in command? DCDA specifically stated that HPPD "assisted." Last thing we were told was that they were the lead agency. WHY were we not TOLD of the change in command???

Arrest is credited to DCSO, and NOT HPPD. Strange.

The Chief "accepts" criticism for stating that the community was safe while this killer was stil at large, but will not divulge why he "stands" by that statement "at this time."

Sound to me like they were watching him and using your daughters for bait.

PoJo reports strangulation, yet no such fact was reported in the press conference.

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