Retirement for dictators not what it used to be

Where Dictators Go to Die

Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad and other strongmen have fewer options for cushy exile now that so many countries work with the International Criminal Court. Dan Ephron reports.

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Interesting little read there. But there is a conclusion that can be drawn from this too. No one really likes dictators of course. Even though the United States has supported and/or installed a fair share of the mm over the years. But what's a bit unnerving about this article, is that it really is a big sign that we are really on the verge of a global dictatorship here. If there is not place where a supposed "bad guy" can go peacefully retire, that means that the planet is being dominated by one force, somewhere behind the scenes. Fall out of favor with the power-that-be, and you're doomed. Some call it the New World Order of course. But while the term seems to illicit the woo-woo response and rolling of the eyes, it really does seem to be more and more obvious all the time.

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