NY Public School Mandates Uniform Policy

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY - The city's public school district has now passed a uniform policy for its public school students entering classes this fall, for grades K-12. While some say it will instill school spirit and put more focus on academics rather than fashion, many parents and students alike challenge the Constitutionality of such a mandate, while complaining about the lack of timely notice, and asking who is supposed to pay for such clothing.

For the high school, mandatory dress will consist of school colors, khakis, navy blue, black, white, and gray.

More details on the uniform policy can be found in this PDF file:


You can find more details about the uniform policy at this link:


Media coverage with video can be seen at these two links:

City of Poughkeepsie school board approves uniform plan

Parents learning more details about Poughkeepsie school uniform policy

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