Captain 6's Halloween Treats

Here is a collection of some of my best mysterious, spooky and bizarre articles and links as the sun goes down on NY, for this iced-over Halloween:

The fire caused by lightning strike at the notorious Hudson River Psychiatric Center. I saw the lightning strike myself that evening, while working as a guard at a nearby property. It is a tragic place of misery.

Hudson River Psych

A mysterious and bone-chilling account of the first reported experience of this kind.

Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs)

What is Halloween without some magic?

The Berglas Effect - Holy Grail of Card Tricks

Two mind-blowing articles from Cracked magazine. Can coincidence really be so strange, or are there other powers at play?

Instance of Coincidence

Two tales I know to be fact. Whether or not you choose to believe them really makes no difference.

Dark Entity by Day

Entity at the Sewage-Treatment Plant

Can you spot a fake? Some say this vid was debunked and faked. Others still insist it is real.

Ghost makes contact

And I seriously hope this one is fake!

Eerie image captured in woods

The stage and entertainment have always been a world of illusion. But is there real magic afoot in the media which has formed how we think for generations now?

Chaplins Time Traveler

But let's leave off now with a good story, as mysterious as it is.

Time Traveler Meets Himself?

And a classic epilogue.

Muppets Halloween, Light and Dark (Not for Kids)

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