Take the Mark of the Beast, or Don't Eat

I am not really a super religious sort, so I tend to stay away from discussions along those lines. I don't often quote scripture or anything like that. But at the same time, regular readers here know that I am beyond fed up with the evils that are being perpetrated against the people of this country, supposedly for our own good. So here was sort of have a collision of the two schools of thought, between biblical prophecy, and a more scientific look at this shit hitting the fan.

If you doubt that this is happening, or worse yet, think it's actually a good idea, I suggest you read the material in the few links I will provide below.

Here is what the video creator had to say in his synopsis:

I was sent this video by Courageous Nerds..

Uploaded by CourageousNerdz on Nov 4, 2011

I dare you to go to the WIC website, or the EBT website or the SNAP/Food stamp website or the Grocery Manufacturers of america,the food and drug admins, etc. etc. Go to there search field browser and type in RFID,or biometric and WATCH what pops up. I also have Government Links to show the validity of this video.

Go Google this entire sentence..... "Planned Nationwide Usage of the biometric information sharing capability by fiscal year 2009-2013" As well as these below.

-Go Google "The human robot operating system" PDF (Super Smoking Gun Proof)

Go to FMI Dot Org. Type 2011 RFID in the search field

Go to www.fns.usda.gov/snap/ebt/ AND TYPE IN 2011 BIOMETRIC OR RFID

Go to youtube and type in "Biometric ID Cards Replace Cash mark of the beast"

Go to youtube and type in
" louisana bans cash"

Go Google "Biometrics dot gov Fingerprint recognition"

I have much more Smokiing gun proof but I'll reveal it later. I have other videos to make .

Marking the 'Beasts'

Why drug testing of welfare recipients is a bad idea

Prison Labor Re-Education Camps For Welfare Recipients?

Recipients of unemployment benefits to work again cleaning subways

Poverty Level at Highest Point Ever Recorded

Do you qualify for foodstamps?

Will you submit? Will you take the Mark of the Beast?

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